Apprenticeship Training

A Professional Career with Superior Training and a Secure Future

  • Earn an income while earning your certifications over 4 years
  • Gain access to career opportunities for highly-trained craftsmen in an economy that desperately needs them
  • Graduate with no debt
  • Take your journeymen card anywhere in the country
  • Get healthcare and pension security

Training sessions take place at 7 facilities across the state of Michigan and throughout the year. Click here to find a training location near you!

Good Wages That Will Continue to Grow

As an apprentice, you will earn while you learn. As you continue in your apprenticeship and gain proficiency in the trade, you will become more of an asset to your employer, earning progressive pay increases and greater contributions to your fringe benefits.

The Benefit of a Union

As a percent of Journeyman wages
Wage Comparison: Union vs. Non-Union
These wages are from the Bureau of Labor Statistics study of Union vs. Non-Union wages across the U.S., specific to the construction/natural resources/maintenance sector (more info).

What Others are Saying

Brandon Reid
"I became a millwright apprentice because I wanted to expand my knowledge. I wanted to take what I know to the next level. Once you acquire your journeyman’s card, it’s respected worldwide. The sky’s the limit when you’re the best at what you do."
- Brandon Reid, MRCC
Nicole Maurer
"The apprenticeship is great. It might seem intimidating but the instructors are here to help you. Before this, I was working two part-time jobs. I couldn’t provide for my family. Now, I can."
- Nicole Maurer, MRCC
Marcus Moss
"I love being a millwright. I like layout and precision work the best. But you do different things every day. And the instructors have taught me a lot. Every job I’ve been on, everybody’s got each other’s back. It really is a brotherhood."
- Marcus Moss, MRCC
Why is this valuable?

Why is this Valuable?

Carpenters and millwrights are building Michigan’s future — and you can be part of our union by becoming an apprentice today. The apprenticeship school is a paid, four-year program consisting of practical, on-the-job training and state-of-the-art classroom experience.
Why is this valuable?

What are the Benefits?

Members receive benefits that are unparalleled in today’s workplace including comprehensive medical and prescription drug benefits. In addition to a good wage and quality healthcare, your employer will continue money to a defined benefit pension AND a defined contribution annuity.

Are You Ready?

Take the first step towards a more secure future for you and your family.

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